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Public Events

We believe education is paramount, and our relationships with our clients typically begin at one of our seminars or workshops. These events are an important part of what we do at Security First Asset Management, which is educate. You will find us providing educational opportunities throughout middle Georgia several times per month at prominent restaurants, treating individuals like yourself to a delicious meal while teaching about the economic and fiscal challenges you may face in retirement and how our firm will help guide you in not only defining your goals, but also in building a plan.

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Upcoming Events

Ristorante da Maria's April Invite

Monday April 24, or Tuesday April 25

Natalia's April Invite

Tuesday April 4, or Wednesday April 5, or Tuesday April 1, or Thursday April 13

March Grits Invite

Tuesday March 14th, or Tuesday March 21st or Thursday March 23rd

Benson's Early and Mid February Invite

Tuesday February, 7th or Thursday, February 9th or Monday February, 13th or Wednesday, February 15th