Retirement Income Solutions is a weekly radio show hosted by Bill Danner and Daniel NeSmith of Security First Asset Management. Each week they tackle some of the most important issues facing retirees in the United States. We live in a “New Retirement Reality,” where income is coming more from personal savings and investments than traditional pension plans for most people. This means that income in retirement should be the central focus, for the years and perhaps the decade, leading up to retirement.

Bill and Daniel talk about the challenges that people face once retired that may not have crossed the average person’s mind prior to retirement. These topics include; Longevity (people are living longer), Inflation (people will likely need an increasing income in retirement), Taxes (how they impact your savings and income in retirement), Stock Market Risk, and healthcare /extended care risks.

Tune in each week to the following station to listen and then get on the path to “Planning to Thrive,” in retirement!

FOX SPORTS RADIO & 97.3 “The Bull”

Saturdays: 8 A.M. to 9 A.M.

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